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www.planetabasketstore.com, the site called "Planeta Basket Store", is an online store selling products and services related to basketball, and is part of the project Planeta Basket, associated with the site www.planetabasket.pt.

The site www.planetabasketstore.com  is owned by Ivan Vassilev Kostourkov, with NIF: 234304278, headquartered in Adriano Correia de Oliveira Street 3 - Store B, 2745-056 Queluz, Portugal. All documents and evidence that the store will provide (namely, among others, pro forma invoices, invoices, delivery notes, emails, etc.) will be identified with the name, taxpayer identification number and address above referenced as well as the brand name "Planet Basket Store".


These Terms and Conditions and use, apply to site visitors www.planetabasketstore.com (hereinafter identified as Planet Basket Store. The Terms and Conditions and Use apply also to any commercial transactions conducted through Planeta Basket Store.

The site navigation, or the purchase of any product on the Planeta Basket Store, implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the User and the Customer.

Planeta Basket Store reserves the right to change these terms of use and hiring at any time and without notice, upon notice of such changes being posted in www.planetabasketstore.com.


The website www.planetabasketstore.com is intended only for private use.

Planeta Basket Store reserves the right to modify at any time and the information presented on commercial offer: products, pricing, promotions, business conditions and services.

In the event to find in other sites, links that will allow access to www.planetabasketstore.com, reports that Planeta Basket Store has no responsibility on the source of the page or on the content shown therein.

There will be made every effort to ensure that the information presented is free of typographical errors and if they occur, we will proceed as soon as possible to rectify them. If the information provided does not match the characteristics of the product, assists you the right to rescind the contract of sale under the law.

The photos displayed on the site are merely illustrative. It is recommended to proceed to query for detailed product information about their characteristics.

Prices and specifications may be subject to change at any time and without notice.

Despite the efforts of Planeta Basket Store to avoid a possible inaccuracy in the marking of prices, with some products may contain incorrect price, so if you confirm in advance the prices, where to process orders. If the product price is lower than the advertised price, the difference will be returned. If the price is higher, the customer will be informed by e-mail, pending the client's decision to accept the new proposal or cancel your order.

All promotional campaigns have limited stocks and are unique to online marketing. In case of unavailability of the product and / or out of stock, the customer will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of your order, entitled to a full refund of the respective amount made however.

Planeta Basket Store is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any information, content, statements or expressions containing the texts of the articles sold on www.planetabasketstore.com website. The authorship of the descriptive content of the products is the responsibility of publishers, manufacturers and distributors of the articles in question.

All contract information will be written in three languages - Portuguese, Spanish and English - as well as information from articles, e-mail communications and formalization of the sale.


All products sold on the Planeta Basket Store are in accordance with Portuguese law.

Planeta Basket Store declines all responsibility in case of violation of the laws of the country where the order is delivered. It is customer responsibility to check with local authorities the conditions for importation or use of the products you want to order.

Planeta Basket Store is not responsible for damages due to interference, interruptions, computer viruses, faults or disconnections of the operating system that can prevent, temporarily, access, navigation, or the provision of services to users.


Customer and the User must comply with these terms and conditions and respect them.

Undertake such obligations to fulfill the following:

  • Save, and do not disclose your password to enter the site in order to prevent others from accessing your account at www.planetabasketstore.com;
  • Do not use false identities;
  • Provide correct personal data and addresses so that provide is able to process orders properly and correctly.

The Client is responsible for the accuracy of data reported to Planeta Basket Store and compromises to enter in its Account Online Registration, any amendments thereto.

The Basket Store Planet accepts no responsibility for any delay or inability to process your order, especially on delivery, due to error or failure of the data reported by the Customer.


The information collected here is intended to provide you with a transparent view of how Planeta Basket Store (PBS) collect, process and protect your personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to control your information and protect your privacy.


By registering on PBS website you will be asked to provide a set of personal information, including your address, e-mail, date of birth, tax number and telephone contact.

The data collected on the site is intended for the processing of orders and for the needed communication with Customers in order to process them.

Upon registration, the Customer has the option to accept or reject the sending of other commercial or marketing information by PBS, through authorization at a specific location at the end of the registration.


The information provided will be used strictly for the processing and invoicing of the Customer’s order(s).

Telephone or e-mail contacts can be made to ensure correct order processing.

E-mail communication will be done by a secure Gmail account in Google, G Suite type, with domain: planetabasketstore.com

For the fulfillment of the order, the data provided will also be assigned to the carrier(s) and entered into accounting software for proper billing. These entities, all independent from PBS, are also ruled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Currently, these are PBS’s partners in the processing and invoicing of orders:

  • BILLING - Primavera


PBS guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its Customers, at the time of registration and during the purchase process.

The data collection and processing takes place in a secure way and is inserted into a Secure Server (256-bit SSL SHA) that encrypts/encodes (transforms into a code) to prevent its manipulation, misuse or loss.

You can confirm that your browser is secure if the lock symbol appears in the "address bar" or if the web address starts with https instead of http.


All Clients have the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their data.


If you wish at any time, to cease to be part of our database you can exercise this right through the following means:

a) By letter addressed to Planeta Basket Store, Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira nº3 - Loja B, 2745-056 QUELUZ, PORTUGAL

b) Through email sent to pbs@planetabasketstore.com

c) A telephone contact is available to help with the cancellation process or to clarify any additional information - 218 243 796 (Business hours: from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. each working day.

The e-mail or letter must explicitly state that the Customer wishes to delete his registration and must also contain the following information: Name, surname, the e-mail address associated with the registration and NIF.

The cancellation will be made after the processing of the order in progress, within a maximum period of 1 month.

The cancellation of your registration implies that all personal data collected is eliminated, however, the necessary records will be kept to prove the fulfillment of the legal, fiscal and regulatory obligations by PBS in the past processings.

All information on the invoices issued previously will have to be filed for the period defined by law.

ATTENTION: The cancellation of the registration also implies the elimination of the PBS credit points accrued up to that date.


The direct access to the registry allows the Client to make any update or rectification that it deems necessary.

In case of difficulty of access, you can alternatively request the information update through letter, e-mail or telephone according to points a) b) and c) of the previous point.

The data to be corrected must be accompanied by the following personal information: Name, surname, the e-mail address associated with the registration and NIF.


In addition to the partner entities identified in advance and for the sole purpose of processing and invoicing the orders, PBS undertakes not to allow access or to transfer its data to any other entity, except to law enforcement entities and only through the presentation of a valid legal injunction.


A empresa nomeou na pessoa do seu sócio gerente o encarregado pela proteção de dados visando assegurar o estrito cumprimento do RGPD.

The company appointed the store manager as the Data Protection Officer to ensure strict compliance with the GDPR.

For any clarification you may contact our services by email (pbs@planetabasketstore.com) or by telephone (218 243 796).


To make purchases through the site www.planetabasketstore.com is required to register as a customer by completing the form available online.

Once registered, simply enter the "virtual shopping cart" all the items you wish to purchase. You must follow all the steps of purchase so that it be completed successfully.

The validation of the purchase order assumes that the Customer have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and www.planetabasketstore.com.

The data recorded by site www.planetabasketstore.com constitute evidence of all the transactions between the client and the Planeta Basket Store. It is the responsibility of the Planeta Basket Store in filing the electronic document that formalizes the agreement and keep it handy.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. If data are not correct you can ask your change immediately, or even the cancellation of the purchase made.


Planeta Basket Store only processes an order placed by a customer after confirmation of payment, so Planeta Basket Store can’t guarantee the availability of the items until the beginning of that process. The estimated time for dispatch adds that the transport time depends on the destination of your order.

Planeta Basket Store shipping is only on weekdays. In this way, are not counted, nor on weekends or holidays, to estimate delivery orders.

In any case, the estimated time of delivery is only indicative. In the event of any delay in delivery of the goods ordered, Planeta Basket Store can choose to:

A - contact the supplier by examining the possibility of replacement of the missing article, by contacting, in the meantime, the customer, if the delivery or the item's price will change, and the order will continue only after consent by the customer;


B - cancel the order, refund to Customer all payments made.

Any delay in shipment of articles, on the dates presented estimation, does not confer the right to compensation.


Applicable on purchases made in www.planetabasketstore.com.

You may cancel your order at any time until the delivery thereof, entitled to a refund of all monies paid. Upon receipt of the order by Customer, it may exercise its right of free settlement in terms provided by law and below.

Failure to pay the order within 10 (ten) days from the date on which it was made will be canceled automatically as follows.

In case of unavailability of the product and / or out of stock, the customer will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of your order to be entitled to reimbursement of their amount paid.

Despite the efforts of Planeta Basket Store, some products may contain an incorrect price, so prices will be checked whenever you to process orders. If the product price is lower than the advertised price, the difference will be returned. If the price is higher, Planeta Basket Store will present new contract offer at the price duly rectified, waiting for confirmation or cancellation of order. Under the provisions of Law No. 7 / 2004 of January 7, on electronic commerce, Planeta Basket Store reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order when there is a programming error, malfunction of Planeta Basket Store’s computers or the proposal contract reaches its destination and that the error relates to an essential element of the contract.

For orders paid partially or in full, using credit, the credit agreement is automatically and simultaneously had to be resolved, without penalty (see Article 8. Of the Decree No. 143/2001 of April 26, as amended by Decree No. 82/2008 of 20 May).

As part of its "policy of Customer Satisfaction," and pursuant to applicable law, Planeta Basket Store return policy (contract termination) of items within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Customer, without penalty and without giving any reason.

To this end, the Customer shall notify its intention in writing via email or letter to Planeta Basket Store. Items must be returned within 30 days after its receipt accompanied by the purchase receipt or original invoice (see Section 6. Of the Decree No 143/2001 of 26 April, as amended by DL 82/2008 of 20 May).

Return and exchange items must meet the following conditions:

Return of items in good condition with original packaging and accompanied by the invoice.

Do not accept exchange of items tailored to customer specifications.

After contact with the "Customer" Planeta Basket Store will give the indications of return, and the client may send the item properly packaged with original packaging to the following address: Planet Basket Store, Adriano Correia de Oliveira Street 3 - Store B, 2745-056 Queluz, Portugal

All items will be checked by our staff upon arrival and will only be accepted for exchange or refund those who comply with the above conditions of return.

If you choose to return the value Planeta Basket Store informs:
  • In case of returns, Planeta Basket Store will only pay the item returned and is not responsible for the payment of shipping.
  • In case of exchanges, it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay postage to return the article, and it is Planeta Basket Store responsibility the payment of shipping of the substitute item.
  • To make exchanges / returns, you must fill out the proper file and send it attached to the article to replace / return. Please do not damage the packaging, or place tape directly on the original packaging or we can’t accept the exchange / return.

Planeta Basket Store reserves the right not to accept articles that do not meet these conditions.


All purchases made on the site www.planetabasketstore.com are subject to Portuguese law. Any dispute or difference in interpretation Terms and Conditions of Use and Portuguese will be submitted to the competent Court.

If our client is outside of Portugal, Planeta Basket Store advises that any legal proceedings shall be operated with a Portuguese Court.

The VAT rates are referenced here and currently in force, and adjusted to the changes that were recorded in Portuguese tax law.

These Terms and Conditions and Use were updated on October 31, 2011.