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PBS points system

Earn 5% of the value of your purchases in PBS points

By shopping at "Planeta Basket Store", the portuguese based sports equipment online shop you automatically win points worth 5% of your purchases. These points are converted into euros that may be deducted in future purchases.

The points obtained in a purchase may be used as early as the next purchase. And if you want to know how many points you have, simply login to Planeta Basket Store and access your account.

How does the PBS points system works:

The points correspond to euros as follows: 100 points = 1 euro. PBS points will only be credited into your account after the purchase is completed.

Example 1

If you make a purchase of one or more products in the amount of 100.00 euros, you automatically win 5% of that value (5 euros). This value is then converted into points (500) that are added to your PBS account.

In any subsequent purchase you can use these points, which are converted into euros at the same equivalence.

Example 2

Following the previous example, suppose you have 500 points on your PBS account and you want to make a  50 euros purchase. At payment, you may choose to use your PBS points as discount. If you do so, these 500 points represent a 5 euro discount, so you only have to pay 45 euros.

After completing the purchase, 5% of the amount actually spent (45 euros x 5% = 2.25 euros) will again be converted into points (225) that can be used on future purchases.

The use of points on each purchase is not mandatory. You can choose to accumulate points from several purchases on the site and eventually you may  be able to purchase some products using exclusively the points accumulated in your Planeta Basket Store account.

Example 3

Imagine you have made five purchases of 100, 150, 50, 75 and 25 euros, corresponding to 500, 750, 250, 375 and 125 points respectively. In your account you have 2000 points that are equivalent to 20 euros. If you want to make a purchase in an amount equal or inferior to 20 euros, you can use your PBS points, not having to pay the value of the purchased product.

Shipping are independent from PBS system of points, ie PBS points can not be used as a discount on shipping costs of any order.

So in example 3, although you might not have to pay the products value as it would be paid by your PBS points, you would still have to pay the shipping costs.